18 July 2007

What Knife Is Bear Using in the Pacific Island Episode?

It's Season One, Episode Eight, and somewhere in the Pacific Ocean Bear is set adrift and makes his way to an uninhabited island two miles away. Good thing he brought along his Titanium Pro Dive Knife. He used it to hammer his way through deadwood to build a signal fire, and it was great at making a multi point spear for fishing even though he wasn't so great at fishing. In fact, we wonder if the local fishing commission wouldn't mind if we dropped large amounts of tuba plant into the lake when we go fishing next time just like Bear did in that tidal pool. All we'd need is a net to scoop up our haul!

What really impressed us was when Bear chopped through bamboo trunks to build a raft, then still could filet fish with his Titanium Pro Dive Knife later. We called it a "Made in China" cheapie before, but that's one hardy knife. We could do worse than have it with us if marooned on an island. We think Bear made a good choice bringing that knife along.

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ηaя€รђ -я ⇜⋞ said...

wonderful show.
i am so fortunate because of you people.
i love bear gryll. i can even die for him.

i love you bear gryll.
just a small request to you people plz.. increase the shows.

i like so much man vs wild" just because of bear gryll !
we love you. DISCOVERY
thank you so much to discovery !
i am so happy.
great job.

thank you-
from: mr.r.naresh gowsik, india