16 July 2007

What Knife Is Bear Using in the Moab Episode?

In Season One, Episode One, Bear takes on the arid Utah landscape in a trip to scenic Moab. Good thing he brought along a Buck Iceman. It helped him make a straw, scramble eggs, and cut up a shirt so he could pee on it before wrapping it around his head. We're not sure we could do that last bit, but we've recently spent time in Capitol Reef National Park - a bit north of Moab. The heat was scorching. Keeping hydrated and cool was a real problem, so if we were desperate enough, and NOT a short car ride away from our air conditioned hotel, we might have considered it.

Nah, probably not.

As for the Buck Iceman, it's a folder so it closes up to 5" which fits nicely in your pocket. Perfect to bring along on a hike. We wish we had known about it before we went down south. It would have come in handy.

The Buck Iceman is available at Amazon.com

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