07 February 2013

Are the Knives Bear Grylls Used Still For Sale?

In the time since we started this blog and today, my girls have grown up and moved off to college and Man vs. Wild has gone off the air, as well as a Bear's new survival show. But as a testimony to the sheer awesomeness of these knives, people are still scouring the web for information about them. Here's a quick update just in case you haven't been able to pick one up for yourself.

  • Buck Iceman - My favorite knife of the first season is simply not available anywhere for love nor money. As we wrote about before, Buck discontinued the Iceman. You can still get lucky on eBay if you are patient. Here's a search we recommend you bookmark.

  • Buck Zipper - Still available and ready to take on any fish with the poor luck of getting in your way.

  • Gerber Gator Serrater - This popular Gerber blade is not only still available, but it shows up for almost every search for anything Bear Grylls related.

  • Titanium Pro Dive Knife - Still available. Still Awesome. And available in multiple colors. We still prefer Bear's choice of gray on black.

  • Wenger Serrated Mountaineer - The Wenger Mountaineer is a big, beautiful knife. We love ours. But it's hard to find. All indications seem to suggest that the knife has been discontinued, but it may simply be out of stock from the manufacturer. Keep an eye on the official Wenger 16470 page, and an eye on eBay for the occasional auction.

If these old school Man vs. Wild knives don't suit your style, there is always the new Gerber Bear Grylls collection. Surely something there will catch your eye. We love the thumb studs that have been added to the blades for one handed opening and closing. When I talked with Gerber a few years ago, the salesman assured me their focus groups liked knives requiring two steady hands to open. I'm glad Bear got them to see things differently. With both of Bear's shows off the air, this collection may not be long for this world. Snap them up while you can.