13 August 2007

Bear's Blog Updated with Support from Peers

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If you read Bear's Blog: Sahara Filming Update when we first linked to it you may want to visit it again. Bear's updated the entry to include supportive letters from other summiteers and explorers like this one from Sir Ranulph Fiennes:

Dear Sir/Madam

The Daily Mail's attack on Bear Grylls mentions that he is 'the cheese soufflé' of the adventure world and, by way of pushing this assertion, suggests that he may not have been the youngest Brit to scale Everest, and implies that the T.A's/21 SAS Regiment is not as tough as the Regular 22 SAS Regiment. I would comment that he was indeed the youngest Brit because the only possible rival claimant was clearly Australian. And that 21 SAS membership requires distinctly non-cheese soufflé people. Its comparison to 22 SAS is therefore irrelevant and cheap, suggestive journalism of a misleading nature.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes
('World's greatest living explorer' Guinness book of Records)

It's nice to see Bear getting support from his peers. We like to kid him because of the show's sometimes outlandish and extreme nature, but then that's what we love about the show! All those crazy stunts, dangerous climbs, and revolting food choices make us come back again and again. We may feel that certain elements of the show were staged for filming purposes, but not the way the press has portrayed it. Mark Wienert is a stand-up guy and we tend to believe he was misquoted and had his statements taken out of context. The Daily Mail's piece was particularly nasty and smacked of gleeful nancy boys eagerly pushing for the downfall of a man that makes them feel inadequate.

More power to you, Bear. We'll be tuning in for Season Three.

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04 August 2007

Bear Grylls Confesses! Sorta!!

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Now that Bear Grylls is back from his Sahara shoot he has taken some time to kick back, enjoy friends and family, and catch darts thrown at his face by the media. Figuratively speaking, of course. They'd never throw REAL darts. They just like to perforate people's lives from a safe and virtual distance. In this case, Bear grabbed the accusations and wrestled them down to the ground like he would an Alaskan Brown. Except he avoids those. Right. Well, he avoided the accusations, too.

Basically, Bear stated on his blog yesterday that the reports of his roughing it in motels and staging his stunts were not telling the full story, which means that there was some truth to it but probably not as bad as the media depicted. Oh, and the producers handed him the answers before he went on the air. No, we kid.

The most important bit of the blog entry was this:

The upshot is we’re determined to make all new shows more inclusive of the crew and their role. Discovery and Channel 4 will also include a disclaimer at the start of the show so there's no confusion.

Personally, we see this as a good thing. We're looking forward to seeing more of the crew. Those guys are out there roughing it along with Bear even if they DO eat Mars bars and sleep in motels more often than he does. We've already grown accustomed in the second season to the pitter patter of their little feet as they run up to Bear at the beginning of each episode. Why not show more of them? They could be stars, too.

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