17 July 2007

What Knife Is Bear Using in the Alaska Episode?

In Season One, Episode Seven, Bear's old friend, the Buck Iceman, makes a return visit to help him hack down saplings for a makeshift lean-to. You can recognize the Buck Iceman by it's Black Oxide finish, partial serrated edge, clip point blade, handle shape, and characteristic rounded guard. This knife is so tough Bear could pound on it with a rock to cut through small trees to make a spear. Let's see you do that with a pen knife!

This was a cold and gruelling episode for Bear, and he used his wits cleverly, but our favorite part was learning that Bear is scared of bears. Is this the same guy who stood near a pride of lions in Northern Kenya and excitedly described how quickly they could kill a man? Watching Bear make his way through the forest shouting "Yo Bear!" reminded us of that part in The Parent Trap where Vickie banged sticks together to scare off mountain lions. It actually brought a smile to our faces. But then again, considering what happened to that 11 year old boy last month in Utah, maybe Bear has the right idea.

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Anonymous said...

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Douglas Cootey said...

Thanks! I'm itching to update the blog with the other seasons. I've just got a big project in the way. Any time now… probably by March 1st.