16 July 2007

What Knife Is Bear Using in the French Alps Episode?

You remember that scene in Crocodile Dundee when the mugger pulls a knife on ole Croc and Croc says "That's not a knife"? Then he pulls out his very large bowie to prove his point? Well, we felt like the muggers when Bear started flashing his Wenger Serrated Mountaineer Knife in the French Alps. Suddenly our Swiss Army knife felt piddly. We used to be so proud of it's built in saw and two knives. Now we have knife envy.

The Wenger Serrated Mountaineer Knife is everything our wittle pocket knife tries to be, but twice as long and four times as cool. This folding knife is 4.75" closed, with a 4.2" saw and 3.9" serrated blade. No wonder Bear made short work of the Alps. If we had been stranded on the French Alps with just our pocket knife, we'd still be up there trying to build a snowshoe. Given time, Bear probably could have built a motorized taboggan with the Wenger.

The Wenger Serrated Mountaineer Knife is available at Amazon.com

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