16 July 2007

What Knife Is Bear Using in the Costa Rica Episode?

In Season One, Episode Two, Bear takes on the jungles of Costa Rica where he shows us first hand why we need to boil water before we drink it.

When he's not tossing his cookies off camera, Bear is wacking his way through the underbrush with his Titanium Pro Dive Knife. Some people claim it is a ScubaMax KN-200, others a ScubaMax KN-80, and still others insist Bear's knife is an Eagle Z-1 Little Mo. They're all right and they're all wrong.

It turns out that Bear is using inexpensive knives to more closely reproduce survival conditions for regular tourists, not survival nuts like himself. The Titanium Pro Dive Knife is just a "Made in China" special that has been rebranded by multiple sellers and available at any scuba shop. The funny thing about this knife is how many sellers claim they developed it. Go figure.

It's a hearty little thing with a double edged blade, 3/4 of which is serrated, plus a line cutter and clip point. Bear even beats on it with a log to chop down saplings.

Bear must have an older model because we couldn't find any models for sale with an all black handle. If you find one let us know.

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