28 November 2007

What Knife Is Bear Using in the Iceland Glaciers Episode?

In Season Two, Episode Two, we find Bear plunked down in the middle of a glacier somewhere in Iceland. It is like the French Alps, part two, but with more gore.

Highlights for us were when he dug out his own ice cave and when he experienced a full spa treatment as he gave himself a hot mud bath right after trying out for the Polar Bear club.

The low point for us was the fresh sheepsicle bit. In a pinch we suppose it is better than eating your own arm, or even your camera crew, but still, it wasn't pleasant viewing. In fact, it was much more stomach turning than watching him rend a dead zebra with his teeth. This dinner theater was made bearable only by the presence of the Gerber Gator Serrater. Good thing he had it on hand to strip the flesh from his frozen entré. That way we could enjoy watching him munch on an eyeball, complete with dribbling juices. Bear described it as being full of cold gloop as he tried to gag it down. Definitely not one of my daughter's favorite episodes.

More useful than a knife this episode were Bear's shoelaces which he used for a shish-kebab cooking line and a ptarmigen trap. Nobody ever asks us what brand he uses, though.

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el bandito said...

nice blog!
btw, no update for season 2 n 3?
keep up ur good work fren!

Douglas Cootey said...

We've been so busy. Those were some great episodes and they are awaiting our eager typing fingers to post updates on them. I'm hoping to get to them this month. Thanks for the reminder!

Jay said...

I seen this episode and I think you explained it very well. The knife he uses there is awsome and good picture. Keep up the good posts.

Anonymous said...

that knife is the one he used back then but he has a new one now! its made by gerber here is a link to it:


I have mine in the mail! Great Bear blog bwt!


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